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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Fat Ones

I am overweight.  I have been most of my life and it has damaged me.  I've been bullied, and suffered from snide remarks, rejection, judgement, not fitting in.
There is an endless list. 

The polite term is BBW.  Well that in itself is an insult. Because I dread this term. Who would want to be friends with a BBW?

I can only blame myself.

Or can I?   Fat jokes are still UN-exceptible.

In a world where it is not cool to be racist, or anti-gay, we have laughed out loud at the comedian's jokes about big fat men and women.
Kids get away with pointing.  Moms "shh--" them, and then grin themselves.

Watch this:

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Way Out

Sometimes it seems there is no way out. People think you are nuts if you talk too seriously about giving up.  I am independent in many ways.  Losing touch with your own
future, lifestyle, and connections with friends and family --are
major step.
 I think I will start sleeping some more every day (14 hours) and stop being so tormented.   Just don't be stupid.  The people  I want out of my life - still linger. CUT THEM OFF!

You are wired to be creative... so come up with a unique solution. Show you still have some fight in you.


Orange Shoes by CBJJ (c)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Bring the Classy Back

 Dear Mystery Person:

 Do not try to hack into (my) Depression Heads again.

 Why would you even try? It's what's going on in my head   
 not yours.

Security notified me.  Thank you!

Also, I promise to bring the classy back.