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Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Mini Rant

 Okay, we have done it. We voted a hateful man into office.
 I normally don't think much about politics, but this year, you couldn't avoid it.  The Clinton Lady wasn't classy- throwing punches like a girl. She made every character flaw he had seem deadly. But her non-political voice- fell flat. None of them stuck.

Who can compete with a screaming demon?  People love this stuff. Our country has forgotten what life was like before reality shows, Jerry Springer, technology, global warming issues and jobs gone forever. We have replaced communication with a device held in your hands and not by eye contact, intelligent discussions, debate, considering the past and the future. No we live in the now- and now is in upheaval. Seldom did they make our "big" issues their big issue in this year's election. They attacked each other's character instead.

My depression status is often influenced by the events in the world. A challenge to what I expect will likely put me into a panic. This isn't a simple case of shaking the government up. It was sluggish, and I can see need for improvement. But telling folks lies and giving them a ticket back to the 1950's  shows ignorance.

Yet, aside from my personal concerns, I need to tell myself to wait and see. My life will continue pretty much as it has, but the real issue for me is, can I lose the financial benefits of health insurance?The count down begins!

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Considering the months it took for insurance to approve my foot surgery, and the fact that the surgery happened in June of 2016--and two weeks later, my foot started swelling up, and then I found out I had two stress fractures in my foot, is it crazy to learn I have bronchitis too?

I made this art quilt earlier this summer. I think it may be the right time to post it on here.

I Hide My Real Emotions                                               Cathy Jeffers 2016


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