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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Two Old Ladies finding Love--- Ha!!

One of my best friends from college came over for lunch last Friday.  She is my age, and we both were art teachers.  She struggled as a single mom and devoted herself to her two kids and her classroom.  She drove about 45 minutes on back roads to her job for 35 years.  She is a spit-fire.

We connected all those years ago over a teacher we didn't like and we made fun of her.  We both role-played her voice for years, as we caught her knowing nothing of the fiber material she was talking about.  It was "raffia" and she had no idea where it came from. 

We have shared lots of fun-times over the years but our schedules often stood in the way.  Now we both have lots of time and we can pick how we spend it.  She signed up for a jewelry making class and I have been sewing so much,  I had to take today off  because my eyes can't hardly focus to thread a needle.

Two months after retirement and she has a new man in her life.  So we sat last Friday chatting over lunch about L-O-V-E 55+.   He literally just walked into her life, but, we talked about how I met my guy on-line, the freaks out there and ecks---- all those married men--- thinking they won't be found out.  I even gave her a few pointers on "updated" dating.  Va-va-va-voom!

We both laughed how we really didn't want a man in our lives.... but then again?  She is a "collector" (--think hoarder).... so she said when he came to dinner, she had to move things off the table to eat some fast food.   I had just cleared a section of the table we were eating on myself.  I told her I apologized for the paint splattered table-- but I figured she would understand.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ohio Artists

Hurray for Ohio Artists...

I live near Dayton, Ohio and I am amazed at the talent in our area.  I don't know what the rest of the mid-west is like, but there is a lot of talent here.  It is frustrating that so many think we just have corn fields around here.  Plus, many exhibition opportunities are just posted in NYC, D.C, Boston and out west. 

Yesterday I attended a show for Ohio Craftsmen and another by a talented surface designer Sue Cavanaugh.  She has mastered Shibori and now is working in the 3-dimensional form.  She had several excellent works and a major installation in one gallery at the Springfield museum.

I was big into weaving in the 1980's and this show reminded me of the textile artists of that period with stunning works floor to ceiling.  Fibers also puddled all over the floor.  Yesterday's show was
labor intensive as she left every stitch showing and even used reclaimed shirts for cloth.  Pretty darn cool!  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fear of a Drug Crash


I am at the mercy of my doctors.  Last Christmas when I had a drug crashed, it was the week between Christmas and New Years.  I crashed from NOT taking a drug I was on, because they were so expensive.   My "C" drug was the most expensive of all the other drugs I take.

When I crashed, I went to the pharmacist crying as I spoke.  Could I go back on my old drugs?

It worked out... since I popped about three pills that day before leaving the store.

 ( Not suppose to do that!!)

So when I was about to run out this week.... of the magical "C" drug the doctors insist I remain taking.... there was, in a panic.  I had six pills left, the pharmacy wanted $126 a month.  The mail-away needed a doctor's request note since they didn't have it, and they said it could take two weeks.
I was out of samples. 
The doctor I see is on overload, not taking new patients, and when I called to ask what I should do about the drug,  I couldn't get someone to answer the phone.  I knew they were there, but I kept getting the "away from my desk" answering machine.  I actually considered taking a trip to the ER just to get some help, but I was afraid I would be admitted.
On about the sixth call, I got the office staff, and explained the situation.  She said she had a fax page about my drug.  WOW!!  I was a fax page.  She said she would call the mail-in company, but it would take two weeks.  The local pharmacist had already told me to dial down my pills, taking them every other day or I would crash.  So I told her my plan.  She said she actually had some samples.
(The doctor told me he couldn't give me any more last time.)  "REALLY?" I told her.  "I can get some samples?  I was about to freak-out."  She told me I could pick them up that afternoon.
Thankfully NO Crash!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

More on Writing

To  be a really good writer, I think it all starts with observation.  I've been a pretty good observer all of my life and I think it excels in me because of my artistic abilities.  I often wonder how observation-- Mar paying attention has become a lost art.

The same wonderful aspects of the social interactions via ipad, iphone and our handheld access to everyone these days, has made us a society of  non-communicators in the moment.  When I use to drive my daughter back and forth to college, she would text her friends and barely speak to me.  I finally announced can't you shut that off?  She did, but then it was followed by silence. 

I'd be a prime candidate for being distracted by everyday things. The teacher in me reads facial expressions and can determine who is paying attention, The grumpy face at the library tells who is there for enjoyment and who is there for some "project."  Customer service is "flat" these days.  Sure it's a good manner thing,
but the way it is spoken gives away the "pleasure it has been to serve you."  We accept press one, for English even though we may be on hold for several long minutes. Major sigh! 

When it comes to "Did you see that!"  Unless it is a major event, it is often overlooked.

Many of the people we admire (artists, writers, architects) all say they enjoyed going for walks, discovering nature and asking why.

Try to place yourself back in kindergarten.  Remember, the world is a garden.... waiting to be seen.

Monday, October 7, 2013

My Happy List

        Recently.... my passions have been divided.

 I've always loved art, but a close second was writing.  I wrote poetry and a three act play when I was 12.  Lots of changes since then, but I've always had the "bug" of  wanting to write desire.  I can even claim knowing three authors, Arnold Adoff, Nita Leland, and Katrina Kittle.  Now that's a mixed bag if ever there were one.

I attended a recent workshop with Katrina and the seed was well nurtured once again.
This led to me attending another workshop with another author.  She was a published author like the rest, but mostly talked about living the life of a writer.  (Interesting to know they are able to check out of doing laundry to go to a coffee shop at will and call it work.)  Anyhow, she suggested we make three lists for inspirations.

List one:   Your Happy List

List two:   Your Sad List

List three:  Things that make you angry.

Well, it kinda embarrassing... I surprised myself with my lists... although not in any order...

Here is part of my happy list:

1. Walking on the boardwalk on the beach.  (I love Naples and Miami Beach.)
2.  Visiting Falling Water  (That's right- I'm a big Frank Lloyd Wright fan.)
3.  Sewing
4.  Driving around (but not geting lost)
5.  Love making
6.  Family
7.  Food
8.  Sleeping
9.  My pets
10. Ice cream (As if it was it's own gold mine!)

Here's another thought I love:   (Young Child: to Father)

                  "I wanted to be hold-ed you know."