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Friday, September 9, 2016

Where Did All My Frends Go?

:::::: I am a friendship Nurturer

        I use to think you had to have the magic touch. You could convince others in a day to come out and "experience" whatever you wanted to share with them.  From art, to parties, to sewing, you were always able to "hook" a few.

        Now, with my energy drained, the fun of life is
sadly falling apart. People just don't come by like they use to.

This is really sad for those of who use to depend on friendship to get us past the dark periods. It doesn't even need to be a big project. Just come over and hang out!! We will dine on snack food and iced tea and chat and work on something worthy of our time.
We will say a prayer that the project turns out, (not really) because whatever happens, on our day together, happens.


Learn to make contact, work slow and remind them where they are and where they ae going. Reach out to the skilled, the bored, the adult who, oh so child-like, needs lots of help, outside of explaining the project. Root for them. Let them learn that pulling all the elements together is fun for everyone. Clean up and make your
art project sing. 

Call a friend = make art together= it's so worth it.

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