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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Melania Trump

Well... Here we are...You can't really say poor Melania.
But really
Poor Melania...

Is it me, or have others HAD the same thought?

For someone so confident to KNOW they had to leave their home town of
Sevnica, SLOVENIA, she is really in the camera's eye now.

Be careful of your wishes. Did anyone else see that huge sigh she gave at the inaugural dance?

What step-mother would want to be sharing the stage with Trump's grown children?

Rumor has it you plan to be like a Jackie Kennedy. Good Luck dear.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Here's a lesson in NOT expecting the worse.

I have been facing a lot of changes. One was that my former psychiatrist has retired. They were generous to give me an appointment with the new incoming doctor fairly quickly.

        I have been worried that the new doctor would be cold and
        short with me. I really dreaded that I would have to explain 
        everything to him/her and that I would have to re-establish 
        myself in some level of "recovery."

       It was a big worry for me
       that he would have that "doctor tone" with me.
      SURPRISE>>> His concern was overwhelming.

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      I told him just a few things and he asked me if I had a DOG.
      He said a dog is a great companion.

      That's all I needed to hear. We will do fine together.
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Flirting with Someone New

2017 Begins with a New Me and Possibly a New You

(a happy poem about meeting someone new)

Surprise, surprise. I might just might be a prize.
If you are warm and kind, and not out of your mind.
I will allure you with my wit and be certain to show you I am fit.
Well, minus the bum foot, that has a black boot, dang it!
I will get a shoe soon and I'll be sing my happy tune.
My talents are far and wide.
Just don't judge me because my body's not normal size.
My doctor told me today he is going to send me to yet another MD to
figure out why my problems are so many.
I wish I had this eval earlier than January.
So if we meet, be rosy and sweet.
Don't look at me odd because of my feet.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Weak Yet Suviving

we are all familiar with it. It begins as an infant that we all realize needs help.

But, as children grow, they go in many different directions. Some struggle to meet basic developmental and cognitive skills, others are average or above, and some go on to excel.

The part that I wonder about of these four groups, which one group is the first to ridicule all of the others? I mean, we would assume the highest achievers would be the first to blast all the rest, but maybe they know it's not proper.

Or is it? I say it depends on their circumstances. Their family and teachers may encourage this too. So let's say they got in the first "mouthy" comment, and they turn on the next group. Pretty wild eh? That "dodge ball" is hitting most of the time. Of course there aren't any real groups this defined, but let's face it-- some will take action with a "judgement board" and some will take action because of being "bored."

Now, let's say one day the highest achievers fails at something or just because of  REVENGE the other groups are able to give it all back. It catches the group dynamics off guard. People start to realize we can all have weaknesses. Some weaknesses are visible, some are not.

Now, let's add in that everyone seems to be in their own world.
Most people are consumed by thinking about what happens next.
"Am I late, what will she say?," "Do I have everything I need?,"
"Will this shirt be okay?," "Did I pay the electric bill?," "Who was that jerk?," "I forgot to call mom for her birthday." These thoughts go on and on.

So imagine my NON-Surprise when I have been in need of extra help lately and I had to ask strangers. I have found that genuine  kindness runs about 30% willing to 70% non-willing for real help.
People who approach me and ask if I need a hand.  BIG THANK YOU!

My favorite:  "What do you want? You are going to make me late for my appointment."

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 "Lexis at 13"  by CBJ J

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