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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Scream


I was listening to NPR recently and heard  the Norwegian Embassy had designed their Christmas
tree with 700 of  Edvard Munch's The Scream ornaments to celebrate his 150 birthday.
The  interviewer asked what would happen to them after the holidays and they said they would be given to friends.

Well, count me as a friend, because I wanted one!!  So I called the Norwegian Embassy and asked how to get one.  I turned on the art teacher charm in hopes of getting an original one from the tree.  I told the woman about how I had used the painting many times for art lessons.  We chatted some more and then she gave me the name of the site-- where I could buy one.  She said they were reflective and the company was called "seeme" and I assumed (.com).

Well,  who would have guessed...  "see me" (.com). is a porno site.

So, I have to call the Norwegian Embassy back and told them I had clicked on a porno site.
"Oh don't do that!!"  -Sorry, too late.

It turns out to be  home of the ornaments.  Now, if only I could read Norwegian, 
I could figure out the price and how to order one.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Hustle

         It's Official- It's Hustle Time

  •  There is 4-5" of snow here.  Under it all is ice....
  •  Both my laptop and my T.V. are not working.
  • I listened to a Christmas Songs all the time channel- And got OD on Christmas tunes.
  • I had a call for yet another Christmas stocking to be made before her daughter arrives.
  • Didn't you think of this a week or so ago??
  • Even my pets are bored.  The snow is too much to get out and play it.
         GREAT EARLY Christmas dinner with my friend SAM--yesterday.
        & Yippee!  My guy is back from CA!      

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Re-Thinking the Holidays

Fearing that no one will read my posts when my Blah-spirit-of CHISTMAS
kicks in... I do want to say what I LOVE about Christmas time.

The fact that my family and friends are RELAXED and are enjoying the spirit of this holiday time. 

I have a lot of teacher friends.  Most of them are very experienced teachers who have been doing it a long time.  They are now doing what they were trained to do- but they've had to add an enormous amount of paperwork and data collection to now PROVE that they were good teachers from the beginning. 
To this I say-- Love you all!  I appreciate you.  You are an angel to these children, a parent, a nurse, a best friend, a confidant, a big sister, a grandma, and someone they can count on.  They miss you when you are out sick- and you never complain that their little hands and hacking is what makes you sick.

I talked to about five art teachers yesterday at the art show I was in.  Each came up to my display and said they had heard I was no longer teaching and asked how I was doing.  I didn't go into the details, but told them I was sick,
but making art and poor. 

Thank you, Amy, Tess, Lindsay, Michelle and Alice for making me feel like I am still one of the gang. 

# Art Quilts
# Cat Quilts
# Art Dolls
# Nature Art

My daughter will be home from college soon too.  This adds to my pleasure.
I have a goal of a better future with my 20-something daughters.