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Thursday, September 26, 2013

It Only Takes A LONG TIME

            Funny how the artist and the depressed person can come together within 24 hours.

  • Tuesday I was back crying.  I was overwhelmed by a big doctor's bill and I pictured that I would be paying it into 2015.  That's not the worst part as I know  there are probably other doctor bills coming my way.  Disability-retirement fact.
  • Where was the money going to come from when I was so tight on money already?
          I face this fact daily- as I use to be able to earn enough to support myself.
        Then  news from a former co-worker. So sad as so many teachers work so hard. LOW test
         scores statewide and the TV news plays it up. NEW Art teacher has many of the
        same problems I did.  Not to wish they eat her up.  Poor woman.... I so understand.

         EXCITEMENT!!  (Yeah, I know...)  More like a mini-drum roll. It wasn't just me! 
        I was in a toxic, dysfunctional work system with a failing structure.
        I was just the one they chose to slater.

        I have not been able to get rid of this dark shadow over me.  What a major
       grip it has had.   Now...Words like this!!  Things in turmoil will always
       be in turmoil... since to believe anything else is not realistic.  I am finally
       releasing myself from my self-imposed pain and constant sense of failure!

       My work continues to be productive at my studio.  Creativity on the rise.
       Satisfied with what is appearing artistically - coming from the studio.
       From my head to my fingertips..... I'm back and I create good things.
      After a very, very long time!

      Question:  Anyone have any experience with # Ringsurf - I can't get into their

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