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Saturday, March 10, 2018

People in my Life

There comes a time in my life when I really do get to pick my friends.

I am never alone.
 But I pick being alone often.

I get to say who I want to be with when I do go out. 

I have dropped many people from my life. But the last two days have been good. Old friends have resurfaced.
Turns out they were going through stuff at he same time I was too.

It's not easy being the mom and dad to two young boys.
It's not easy being in "love" with someone who doesn't feel the same way.
I was that person who didn't understand why people never had time for me.
Then I changed. I began to understand the importance of acceptance. 
People don't leave your life out of something that has gone array. 
People are the same as you. Finding themselves in a world with
work to be done--- and in my case art to be created.

I am deeply committed to finding peace now.
I wouldn't yell or speak my mind in a hateful way-- I would
just walk away.
You can't hurt me now- I wouldn't let it get that far.
The CLUES are always there. I just don't plan to ignore them.

For that I am grateful.