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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Telling A Secret

When is it time to let go of a secret that still hurts you mentally?

 I had held a secret about something I did for YEARS. Nearly 30 years to be exact.

Although I still don't want to reveal it here, I want to tell you how I made the decision to talk about it.. It bothered me that it continued to hurt me. Was it my bad judgement? How would I have stopped it? I was a different person then.

Don't tell the wrong person.
I wasn't about to tell someone who would judge me, or confuse me with their own criteria of
"How Could I? I am too sensitive to tell casual friends or the person that was a part of my secret.

I didn't realize I was making a list of who I would never tell. But I did.

My secret appeared in my mind over and over and often -- frequently.

The person I finally shared it with provided me a safe place. He even handed me a trash can for my tissues. I broke into tears, and when I opened my eyes, he was crying too.

He responded by telling me that the "secret" was a "real thing" and nothing to feel bad  about or  judged.

Thank you for letting me find a safe person to tell my secret to. 

Mother and Child                      Gustav Klimt

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