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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Art Supplies and Asking for Support

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I still miss teaching. I can't pass up the back-to-school binds at the stores without reaching my hand in, even if I no longer need 100 dozen pencils, crayons, markers, glue, construction paper and an assortment of other craft items. I was given $300 for over 500 students so guess who paid to educate my children in art? I had a sweet deal with the custodian who gave me copier paper on the down-low. Otherwise, I would have been out of paper too. Once school got rolling and I ran out of my treasure of supplies that were cheaper in August, I was force to fill- in nearly every paycheck on more supplies.

Last Wednesday, the school buses started picking up students on my street. I actually like the sounds of buses stopping and going at each house- just not the smell of diesel. Okay, I am weird.

Do me a favor and ask if your art teacher needs anything.

Chances are they need a lot of things you would be able to provide. 


Toilet paper rolls

Paper towel rolls

Crafts: pipe cleaners, wire, ribbon, cord, thread, fabric, felt, craft glue, neon paper,
hole punchers, zig-zag scissors, rubber stamps, stencils, beads, rubber bands,
acrylic paint, artificial flowers and items for still life, left over plaster, jars, containers for
paint, paper not Styrofoam egg cartons, paper doilies, wood scraps, dowels, textured items,
paint shirts, jute, tape, roll paper, stencils and more.

I thank you!


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