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Monday, June 29, 2015

Closing out June

Closing Out June with two comments:

1.  Racism is alive and well.

 A flag isn't to blame, but symbolism is what people get into their head and can shake it out. I had to grow up to realize racism was wrong.  I had to interact, met black people I liked and admired to realize what I had heard about blacks wasn't true.  All people have great attributes and failings.

2. A multicolored flag is also in the news.   I've always loved many colors.

A group of hateful people (many who call themselves Christians) are against the people who identify with this flag.

#love wins    #racist  

Saturday, June 20, 2015

If I Didn't Hate Tatoos So Much

Does anything make sense anymore?

If I didn't hate tats so much, I might
 almost agree with this tattoo.

; ; ; ; ; ; ;  #Semi colon project

My heart breaks for those killed in South Carolina.

The kid who killed them is 
one part murderer and one part mentally ill.

The 19 Kids' Parents
feel bad about their parenting skills.
Really do you think??

Stay Positive ..... the world keeps getting crazier. 

#crazy world     #racist     #religious right

Sunday, June 14, 2015

This is Going to be a BIG ONE

I've been a bit silent on here lately, because I have been dealing with a BIG issue.  It blew me away, and I am seriously ready to ramp up and write the story up for a zilllion people to see, not just my loyal friends on Depression Heads. 

What's this you say?

Well, here is the spoiler or whatever they say in Hollywood.... THE ability of one individual. (A very ignorant one at that, with no real training in mental health.... to  make a huge error against me and stated she was "Just doing what she was told to do.")

My nurse called 911 on me.

PLEASE...  This is the type of error that gets young kids committing suicide, jumping off bridges, overdosing, attacking others, and much more.

Stop the stupid JUDGEMENT CALLS people!!  If you have no training, you could make matters much, much worse. If you don't understand depression ASK. Mental illness is not one size fits all.

If you don't use kind words about people with mental illness, STOP.  Let those of us functioning petty well, despite the stuff we go through ever day, "Take A MOMENT: & Think"  Chances are the person is releasing their pain through tears and it doesn't mean they are going to do something drastic. The psychologists, psychiatrist, and social workers are all  the mentally ill have for support, yet they are seen less than three hours a month if that. The rest of the time we are coping with our own horrors. Yes, coping is very hard, but it is what we have learned to do.  For me the Help I was seeking, turned out to cause additional stress.

Commit to taking a minute, investigating, and showing care and compassion,
NOT- wrestling the mentally ill down with "policies." Admire the Depression Heads who have managed to cope for years, through all the garbage they have been dealt, and still get up the next day.

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