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Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Thought About the Holistic

Last weekend I participated in an event featuring a taste of the Holistic. There were psychics, mediums, card and palm readers, a Chinese Meridian Dancer, and many alternative health care workers.  There were just three "artists" there.

Moonlight by Cathy Jeffers

This is the "other side" of my interests.
*New Age*

First, the event planner had big ideas, but did not know how to put it together. She had no concept of the first year attendance, number of vendors, show publicity, so attendance was really poor. It was advertised as having 400 vendors when there were really only 30.

With attendance so low, and a lot of down time,  the vendors shared their knowledge and gave each other their readings and treatments.  I gave away my art to others with whom I had received readings.  I learned a lot.  Sharing skills are a valuable as cash, perhaps more.

I met people I never would have otherwise. I made new connections and talented new friends.

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