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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


What triggers my depression? 

I have been noticing a swing in my mood the last few days
 which is very likely to TRIGGER my depression. 
 So what brings it on?

I can feel my           broken heart.
Maybe I should call a friend and talk about it.
 Losing friendships that are no longer working.
Thinking of visiting friends but make excuses.
Struggling with MONEY issues again?
Thinking of sleeping as if it was a reward.
Longing to have someone to share a meal.
 So do I keep my feelings all to myself?
"Watching" t.v. from another room.
Another accident-prone situation.
Not interested in creating art.
Pain comes and goes.
I feel like crying.
So I  do.

Recently, I salvage an old fence gate, I imagined I could make
a trellis out of it.  I had it outside and someone stole it for metal.

The dreams I have seem so real.  I want them to happen again,
 and again so I can remember them better. 

Ex: The other night,  I dreamed I was invited to the prom.  
It didn't happen at 17 or 18 years old so not likely to happen at my age. 

I pass on doing meaningful work, each day, and say tomorrow.
(cleaning, organizing, giving my dog a bath, raking leaves, etc.)
   "Get to work." I tell myself.  "Stop!"

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