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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Our Bond

Funny thing about a true friendship. 
You expect to have things in common.
A bond we have is sleeping.

Maybe it's a school or work thing, children the same age, neighbors, common interests,
dreams, spirituality, future plans, whatever. It shouldn't be depression.

But here is the sad truth. Of my ten closest friends, three of us share the darkness of depression. Our job is to check on each other.
It's  winter now here in Ohio and I am trying to keep really busy so as to not go crazy.
I know I have that sun-deprived condition, and where I live, I see gray skies almost daily.
I don't mind the snow as much as I mind the gray. 

So I get up do a few things, and by mid day shuck it all for the
 love of my NAP.  We aren't messing with a power nap folks,
we are talking the real thing.

For me my nap makes me happy.  My pain stops.  Then I wake up, I mess around
doing what I enjoy for a few hours.  A full day becomes a half-day and it turns out
pretty well after all.

 Today's message is not to criticize the SLEEPERS.
We are not lazy, nor are we faking it.
 Sleeping refreshes our sad brains so that we can function. 

 In Peace  Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z

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