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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Frauds and Scams on Facebook and Craigslist

Just in the last week and a half, I have had two very different fraud/scams come to me by way of my email inbox.

One was from an ad on Craigslist and another came from befriending someone I didn't really know on Facebook.  The one on CL had scam written all over it.  If I would agree to do something, there would be a money reward.

The FB ad was from someone asking me to be a friend, and when I agreed,  almost instantly I  got a message from them about how they saw my name on a list and I should contact a certain man to collect my money like she did.  I suspected this was fake and asked a bunch of question rather than going to the link.  I finally went to the link but never clicked on it.  The messenger was annoyed and disconnected.

I e-mailed the woman whose name the scamming person was using and asked her to contact me at my email address.  I wasn't sure I had a current address, so I also called the public library who told me to contact a federal US office.  I did call the federal government and the woman was rude and said the issue was handled at the state level.  I now called the state office, and she was pleasant, however, she didn't know what to do about it and just took notes for her supervisor.  The real person on Facebook soon contacted me. We went back and forth, and finally she told me she was hacked.  She was in Colorado and I live in Ohio.

BEWARE dear depressionheads, sometimes when we are depressed we want to believe in something good so badly that we may get tangled up in these acts of fraud.


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