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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Medical Alert

It wasn't very long ago that I wrote about the next upcoming surgery I was scheduled for this week.

But this is right out of a MEDICAL JOURNAL:

Dear Journal,

Tomorrow, I will get up at 4:30 a.m. and go to the hospital.

I check in and I am told I need a blood test- 1.5 hours until surgery?

I then go to surgery and I am told do I need to use the bathroom?

Then the BIG question: Who is driving you home?

"My daughter is here now, but she is going home to sleep and then she flies home at 4:00 p.m.
I know it isn't for certain, but I was hoping to go to medical rehab like I discussed with his medical assistant." I said.

The nurse in charge comes in and we discuss the situation again. (Insert Medical History)
 "I don't know, the nurse says. "This is usually out patient."  "Well, my daughter could take me home, but she is flying home today, and then I would have to ask a neighbor to help me." I reply.

This wouldn't be so hard to understand except I had told my doctor's assistant at least three times.

The nurse stalls and talks to me but the doctor still hasn't spoken to me. She leaves and gets my IV equipment and places it in my arm.

Finally the doctor enters and says hello. I explain that I needed to talk to him about rehab. He is reluctant to listen. I remind him of talking to his medical assistant. I told her the name and phone number of the OT who said I was not able to care for my own medical needs on my own. (Let's just start with around the clock ICE PACK that is strapped to my shoulder.)
His response: "This is a bad day for surgery." and "This should have been decided a long time ago."
Tears run down my face. Defeated by medical care.

The next day, the hospital called to ask me how my surgery went.

All of this as TrumpCare is being discussed.  I will be "one of those soon."

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