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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hearing The Negative

Unless.... I am totally going deaf.  I am noticing my ability to only hear the negative.

In the past:

  • I only heard the negative.  I know I have said this before, but now, I don't have to take directions.  Fortunately I am no longer working.   (I am thrilled...) Plus, I no longer have to follow the directions from people I do not respect.
  • But the damage is already done. I had a dream recently where I was laying in the hallway of my former school crying and saying " I can't do it anymore." They wanted me gone. I never revealed how sick I was.  


     I catch and hold on to negative comments as in anything NEGATIVE.

    Because I am so weary of my current situation, I assume people will think I am irresponsible.
  •  People will think I unable to my meet many obligations.
  • I shut myself down and manage to do with fewer people, ( AKA Friends.)
  • I stay up late and sleep weird hours so I can say I was sleeping, and turned off the phone.
  • I had a two hour phone conversation with my friend who told me many things but I still can't get it out of my head that he said I could be overbearing. Or maybe it was another word.  I don't remember, but I reminded him that I had insecurity issues.  Something he knows nothing about.
                          I need to remember toxic people are not good for me.

Update 9/16/13-- He says he never said I was
overbearing and gave me an example
for "why" he wouldn't.

               I am working on new ART.  Photos to come soon.

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