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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I like being in DENIAL

Remember yesterday? 

Remember depression and illness go together.
I've been sucked in again.  Just when I have a really
HAPPY  sort of day......
I slept most of today feeling depressed.

I realize that I have to face my denial and realize there really isn't much of a way out.  Sewing is my creative outlet.  I have been creating art quilts for near ten years. 

Now that I am on disability, it is my pleasure.

 My pets bring me joy, my friends support me, my family is... ah...missing... but they, are better off that way--- it appears.
SO I treated myself to a used sewing machine and have already enjoyed it. Then next day, the bottom fell out.  I asked for help... but there was little. (*In a weird way I  expected this.)  But didn't think living on such little money would be this hard.  Why don't we talk about the "adult bullies" out there?  Try getting knocked down by lots of people you thought were your friends.

Plus there are a lot of little creeps around pretending to be "customer service representatives!" (There are a few I admire, but not many.)

I know what abuse looks like.  Please take note.... your health or other circumstances could change and you'll be treated as I have been.  I'm the example this time.  No another day comes tomorrow.  Maybe I will sew to forget the rest.

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