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Thursday, September 29, 2016


I understand deadlines.  They are those little things that I call the fine print at the end of applications. So why do I punish myself  with flirting with the deadline all the time?

Here is the latest version: Think AUCTION QUILT.

I can't allow myself to donate something I already have, I have to make something NEW.

I even listed the Title and the Price before the quilt was started. Now I am committed and it is due next week. So far, I spent time making lots of appliques, leaves of all types, a vase, table, and a wall treatment for my quilt that combines paint and layering. I will add more if time allows, but for now, will someone PLEASE tell me to wrap it up?

My foot is swelling from being down so much, and I know it is because I am in sewing position.

#art deadline  #flirting with the deadline  #time consuming  #making something new 
#art for auctions

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