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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Upbeat Feat 2015

A Huge Feat!

For those of you you have been reading this all year- thank you.  I appreciate it- although, I never ready know who you are, except for that little counter thing that is clearly reaching almost 3,000!  Not sure how peeps get millions of followers, but my intimate little group is fine with me.  For that I again say THANK YOU!

The holidays were a blast this year. 
Well, can't beat three days with the off-springs, now 24 and 23.  They hung out and bonded, we laughed at each other, gave goofy gifts and they baked and left me a bag full of BUCKEYES.  It can't get better than that! We're talking the peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate.  Not that Ohio or OSU thing!

Yesterday was a a great day of playing with Fiberz at my house with seven quirky and creative women.  The challenge was to mix denim, cotton, something shiny and their best UGLY fabric. Picture five art teachers and an outstanding felt artist and you get magic. Two others were on standby, but I think they learned a lot too.
The roller coaster ride with my "dude" has probably gone off the tracks for good.  Aside from moaning about his outlandish remarks..... well, even smart people can be ignorant when showing their true self. This dude is short on feelings.... and that's not where I want to be in '15.
I was really disappointed about my house being underwater due to frozen pipes in early January, my health issues, and a quilt challenge I entered but didn't get in.  It happens, but the time invested on this quilt baby is also lost.  Now it's a UFO and is likely to be that way for a long while.
Girl With a Tear
I wanted to remind you I write for WikiHow under the name AQMM. Several of my articles are about sewing. I also have a GoFundMe project.  Please consider donating.

Finally,  I am posting some pictures of this year's end.  It sure ended better than it started out. I hope you'll enjoy my next years' posts.
Domino Box Painted (a gift!)
Good Thoughts 365 Days (a gift!)
A cake by my older daughter. Yum!

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