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Friday, February 20, 2015

Missing Marbles

Last week- it hit me.  The big ZERO.
(see Depression Poetry)

Ahhh, the gears are rolling again.  I laugh at my feeling of OMG- there I was again. Why is this an endless cycle?

So I am shopping for some yarn this week, (my newest obsession is free-form crochet.)  and I am chuckling to myself.

They use to say- "He/She has lost their marbles."

So.  Does that mean a person who feels depressed, (and crazy, and annoyed with themselves) because they feel depressed, have a double whammie?

Should we hold a sign written in black marker on cardboard, and stand at busy intersections?  Should we skip the "please help"or "need work" part and just write
Missing Marbles-- kinda a code for yeah, I'm depressed and desperate enough to stand on this corner and seem normal- yeah, like everyone does that.

I have been wanting to learn how to crochet for years.
But, I could never get the hang of it beyond a very tight chain stitch.  Well, I AM in love with this free form crochet.  Back to the good old days for me!  I love the color and the texture here. 

Ocean by Cathy Jeffers

                                     Ocean  (Detail)

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Do not reprint my artwork without artist credit. All art work by Cathy Jeffers.

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