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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

More on Writing

To  be a really good writer, I think it all starts with observation.  I've been a pretty good observer all of my life and I think it excels in me because of my artistic abilities.  I often wonder how observation-- Mar paying attention has become a lost art.

The same wonderful aspects of the social interactions via ipad, iphone and our handheld access to everyone these days, has made us a society of  non-communicators in the moment.  When I use to drive my daughter back and forth to college, she would text her friends and barely speak to me.  I finally announced can't you shut that off?  She did, but then it was followed by silence. 

I'd be a prime candidate for being distracted by everyday things. The teacher in me reads facial expressions and can determine who is paying attention, The grumpy face at the library tells who is there for enjoyment and who is there for some "project."  Customer service is "flat" these days.  Sure it's a good manner thing,
but the way it is spoken gives away the "pleasure it has been to serve you."  We accept press one, for English even though we may be on hold for several long minutes. Major sigh! 

When it comes to "Did you see that!"  Unless it is a major event, it is often overlooked.

Many of the people we admire (artists, writers, architects) all say they enjoyed going for walks, discovering nature and asking why.

Try to place yourself back in kindergarten.  Remember, the world is a garden.... waiting to be seen.

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