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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Many thanks to those I share my love of art quilting.

 Well, it hit me!

Last night- right before I fell asleep it hit me. In just a couple of days
my art quilts get to be on display, to speak for themselves.
Although they were created by me some time ago, the designs I created
were clearly in the moment.

What really happens after that moment is you set it aside.  Sometimes to review, cut a thread,
but mostly, it goes into my closet.  What was I really thinking when it was being created?

Did the fabrics come together with careful planning?  Did I just grab the blue fabric on top?
Did my ideas really play out? 

Will my energy be there in the room which displays them?  Will I be able to have others understand my message?  Will I be proud?  I think so.  
I can hear best wishes from my friends.

I am an artist.  Repeat.  My work can stand alone.

My depression fears linger.

May I finally ignore those hurtful remarks, (still lingering in my head,) by a quilt teacher in class-- to me and to others.  First time I had a art quilt teacher so critical. Her message was not about her being in love with the moment she created her art. She loved the production and the sales. So glad I am not her.  So glad.
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