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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Meet Danny

* Meet Danny *

 The art work of an artist with depression.


Name: Danny I

Occupation: Recently unemployed/ college graduate

Q: What makes yu think you have depression?
A: My depression is usually in the form of social detachment, loss of interest in enjoyable things, and self loathing
Q: How long have you known? Were you medically diagnosed?
A: I've never been medically diagnosed, but my former therapist was convinced it was chronic depression. My first major depressive bout started shortly after I graduated from college in 2009, but I know it ran back further then that.
Q: What media do I use? 
A: Most of my art is pen and ink illustrations, but I'll still occasionally sculpt and sew. 
Q: Brief tell your story about having chronic depression.
A: My story? I graduated from Computer Animation program at Full Sail University in 2009, after that I moved back up to Cincinnati; and such is the common story for many college graduates, I have yet to find a career even close to my degree field. I've worked mostly customer service jobs for the past 5 years, all the while trying to find a way to sustain myself off of creating art work. I've attempted this many ways, I have yet to find one, but I couldn't possibly consider all of it failure, because with each dead end, I have learned much, and picked up as much as I could and moved on. I'm still trying to find a way to sustain myself with art, and as long as I progress just a little each day, then everyday I am closer to reaching that goal.
Q: How do you cope?
A: What helps me cope? I have three major ways I use to cope. Art is a huge help, because I'm normally a very reserved person, making art helps me share a story, and through creating it, I learn a lot and (hopefully) the viewer does as well. My dog, and his (long) short cuts through the woods help a lot. I think getting out and moving is a huge help. My roommate is the last big help I have, we have a silent but strong understanding of what each other is going through, and having that at home is a huge help.
Q: Do you know someone else suffering with depression?
A: My roommate, who is also one of my best friends, he also suffers from depression.
Q: How does art making help? 
A: It helps give me a tangible representation of abstract concepts. Art also gives me something to get lost in, and allows me to shift focus away from my depression.
What helps my healing? 

A:I think this depression will be with me for my whole life (being in my mid 20's) I know that means I potentially have a long time to have depression. So as long as I have something to strive for and keep working at, I know I will always be healing, wither or not I can ever be fully healed, and I'm fine with that.

Q: Do people compliment your art? 
A: I have an understanding that people generally like my artwork, but most of my stuff is posted online, so I usually receive a few likes or the occasional comment on my posts.
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Thanks, Danny

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Printed by permission

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