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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Romance & Depression (Emotional Baggage)

Romance & Depression (Emotional Baggage)

My life is again under distress.  I was on the phone this morning talking to my guy.
What is wrong with me?  I am always falling for the ones with walls they hide behind and I just accept it. Three years into this relationship and I still accept the excuses, the "hummm"and "maybe one of these days."  My Mr. Perfect is Mr. Wrong as I still justify my relationship.  I still hang on.

  • My fear of rejection keeps me hopeful that things will change.
  • My attitude about myself tells him to look for someone else that will make him happy.
  • Yet we are still together.  Today our bond was strong.  Today I found some inner peace.

We both have our adult guard up... the type that former emotional situations, un-addressed, tease and taunt us like the bully on the playground. Do I try to defend myself, run in fear, sob, worry, eat, something new?? 
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