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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Here's a lesson in NOT expecting the worse.

I have been facing a lot of changes. One was that my former psychiatrist has retired. They were generous to give me an appointment with the new incoming doctor fairly quickly.

        I have been worried that the new doctor would be cold and
        short with me. I really dreaded that I would have to explain 
        everything to him/her and that I would have to re-establish 
        myself in some level of "recovery."

       It was a big worry for me
       that he would have that "doctor tone" with me.
      SURPRISE>>> His concern was overwhelming.

Image result for high five
      I told him just a few things and he asked me if I had a DOG.
      He said a dog is a great companion.

      That's all I needed to hear. We will do fine together.
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