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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Flirting with Someone New

2017 Begins with a New Me and Possibly a New You

(a happy poem about meeting someone new)

Surprise, surprise. I might just might be a prize.
If you are warm and kind, and not out of your mind.
I will allure you with my wit and be certain to show you I am fit.
Well, minus the bum foot, that has a black boot, dang it!
I will get a shoe soon and I'll be sing my happy tune.
My talents are far and wide.
Just don't judge me because my body's not normal size.
My doctor told me today he is going to send me to yet another MD to
figure out why my problems are so many.
I wish I had this eval earlier than January.
So if we meet, be rosy and sweet.
Don't look at me odd because of my feet.

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