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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Am I Stupid?

Am I Just Stupid?
Can anything else make me feel more
 inadequate than computers?
For someone with self-esteem issues, I am so frustrated with my computer  skills.  First, this lap top is clearly an untamed beast. An orphaned computer from my friend Tuna, this computer has some type of dyslexia.  While I am trying to write these words down, I can only demonstrate my typing in these two sentences.
                     1.       This is what I want to write.
                     2.   computer does while I am not look ing
This is what my
In addition to this problem, I can not seem to do anything without being out
-smarted by ads that come on without warning. 
 I am just trying to get my thoughts down on the page!!
The other day I had entered about 13 programs without my knowledge.
DAH??  I don't think I have a virus, just a strong willed lap top that eats my time and
 forces me to edit the task manager often and BLEEP... what a royal pain.
I spent three days updating my website this week and instead of finding myself with a
satisfied glow, I find I am just thrilled that this computer is willing let me write anything at all.
Please Annie, (my spiritual angel) let this blog give me the positive outlet I desire.
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