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Monday, July 15, 2013

When Creativity Returns

   {I] am an artist.  Repeat.
   In my heart and soul I am an artist and not the person I was for the last few years.

My whole world evolved around my former life as an art teacher.  {Life} and {Work} being 
what it  is.... made my creativity suffer greatly.

At the start of my "GREAT DEPRESSION"  I could not even think of making art  {that which is
so enjoyable to me}.  I made art that was terrible so I stopped making it altogether. I disconnected
with friends and family, took too much pain medicine, and I slept 12-14 hours daily.

Growing Up Artistic:

My PARENTs didn't really support it.  EX: {1.Art is a hobby. 2.Get a "real job" syndrome.}
But they bought me the crayons and paper I wanted. I practiced my craft.  I solved problems
without adult help and I was proud of my creations. The trolls I played with (the 1960's) were fashionably decked out with handmade clothes. Hours of drawing while watching my favorite cartoons made me happy.

                        I Digress.  Transition to late 2012.  My Great Depression
lasted nearly six months.  It started in November 2012 and continued into the spring of 2013.
Now, it is July 2013... and I am making Art Again!  I was creating art for 12
hours yesterday. I have show in August and it is motivating ME! aH....

{I} am an artist.  Repeat.

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