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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ohio Artists

Hurray for Ohio Artists...

I live near Dayton, Ohio and I am amazed at the talent in our area.  I don't know what the rest of the mid-west is like, but there is a lot of talent here.  It is frustrating that so many think we just have corn fields around here.  Plus, many exhibition opportunities are just posted in NYC, D.C, Boston and out west. 

Yesterday I attended a show for Ohio Craftsmen and another by a talented surface designer Sue Cavanaugh.  She has mastered Shibori and now is working in the 3-dimensional form.  She had several excellent works and a major installation in one gallery at the Springfield museum.

I was big into weaving in the 1980's and this show reminded me of the textile artists of that period with stunning works floor to ceiling.  Fibers also puddled all over the floor.  Yesterday's show was
labor intensive as she left every stitch showing and even used reclaimed shirts for cloth.  Pretty darn cool!  

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