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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Two Old Ladies finding Love--- Ha!!

One of my best friends from college came over for lunch last Friday.  She is my age, and we both were art teachers.  She struggled as a single mom and devoted herself to her two kids and her classroom.  She drove about 45 minutes on back roads to her job for 35 years.  She is a spit-fire.

We connected all those years ago over a teacher we didn't like and we made fun of her.  We both role-played her voice for years, as we caught her knowing nothing of the fiber material she was talking about.  It was "raffia" and she had no idea where it came from. 

We have shared lots of fun-times over the years but our schedules often stood in the way.  Now we both have lots of time and we can pick how we spend it.  She signed up for a jewelry making class and I have been sewing so much,  I had to take today off  because my eyes can't hardly focus to thread a needle.

Two months after retirement and she has a new man in her life.  So we sat last Friday chatting over lunch about L-O-V-E 55+.   He literally just walked into her life, but, we talked about how I met my guy on-line, the freaks out there and ecks---- all those married men--- thinking they won't be found out.  I even gave her a few pointers on "updated" dating.  Va-va-va-voom!

We both laughed how we really didn't want a man in our lives.... but then again?  She is a "collector" (--think hoarder).... so she said when he came to dinner, she had to move things off the table to eat some fast food.   I had just cleared a section of the table we were eating on myself.  I told her I apologized for the paint splattered table-- but I figured she would understand.

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