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Monday, October 7, 2013

My Happy List

        Recently.... my passions have been divided.

 I've always loved art, but a close second was writing.  I wrote poetry and a three act play when I was 12.  Lots of changes since then, but I've always had the "bug" of  wanting to write desire.  I can even claim knowing three authors, Arnold Adoff, Nita Leland, and Katrina Kittle.  Now that's a mixed bag if ever there were one.

I attended a recent workshop with Katrina and the seed was well nurtured once again.
This led to me attending another workshop with another author.  She was a published author like the rest, but mostly talked about living the life of a writer.  (Interesting to know they are able to check out of doing laundry to go to a coffee shop at will and call it work.)  Anyhow, she suggested we make three lists for inspirations.

List one:   Your Happy List

List two:   Your Sad List

List three:  Things that make you angry.

Well, it kinda embarrassing... I surprised myself with my lists... although not in any order...

Here is part of my happy list:

1. Walking on the boardwalk on the beach.  (I love Naples and Miami Beach.)
2.  Visiting Falling Water  (That's right- I'm a big Frank Lloyd Wright fan.)
3.  Sewing
4.  Driving around (but not geting lost)
5.  Love making
6.  Family
7.  Food
8.  Sleeping
9.  My pets
10. Ice cream (As if it was it's own gold mine!)

Here's another thought I love:   (Young Child: to Father)

                  "I wanted to be hold-ed you know."

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