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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fear of a Drug Crash


I am at the mercy of my doctors.  Last Christmas when I had a drug crashed, it was the week between Christmas and New Years.  I crashed from NOT taking a drug I was on, because they were so expensive.   My "C" drug was the most expensive of all the other drugs I take.

When I crashed, I went to the pharmacist crying as I spoke.  Could I go back on my old drugs?

It worked out... since I popped about three pills that day before leaving the store.

 ( Not suppose to do that!!)

So when I was about to run out this week.... of the magical "C" drug the doctors insist I remain taking.... there was, in a panic.  I had six pills left, the pharmacy wanted $126 a month.  The mail-away needed a doctor's request note since they didn't have it, and they said it could take two weeks.
I was out of samples. 
The doctor I see is on overload, not taking new patients, and when I called to ask what I should do about the drug,  I couldn't get someone to answer the phone.  I knew they were there, but I kept getting the "away from my desk" answering machine.  I actually considered taking a trip to the ER just to get some help, but I was afraid I would be admitted.
On about the sixth call, I got the office staff, and explained the situation.  She said she had a fax page about my drug.  WOW!!  I was a fax page.  She said she would call the mail-in company, but it would take two weeks.  The local pharmacist had already told me to dial down my pills, taking them every other day or I would crash.  So I told her my plan.  She said she actually had some samples.
(The doctor told me he couldn't give me any more last time.)  "REALLY?" I told her.  "I can get some samples?  I was about to freak-out."  She told me I could pick them up that afternoon.
Thankfully NO Crash!

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