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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Re-(Praying) the Past

I know I was a great teacher at one time.

I spent the last eight years of my life working as an art teacher in an inner-city public school.  Unlike so many other teachers who seemed to thrive in this toxic environment, I did not.

This week they reported a student who had stabbed another student with a crochet hook (needle).
I prayed.  The poor art teacher, what a tragic event I feared.  It ha nearly happened in my art class once.  One child pulled jute (rope) used for a fall holiday craft around the neck of another student.
I got in trouble for the child's actions, and it was one of several events that ended my life as a teacher. I now am writing a blog about my art, being an artist and how this added to my depression.

FORTUNATELY, it didn't happen in the art room. The stabbing happened in gym class. A child came into school without passing through any security or a wand.  The student pulled out the needle and pushed it into the other child's arm.

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