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Friday, November 20, 2015

The _ T & T Company

I'm writing this poem:

Oh, Oh, Oh  ___ T & T   you are the communication company.

But the real reason you are in business is to create my insanity.

With you digital man, and your catchy "ding, ding... ding" sound
       you pretend to have-- Oh so pleasant technology...
       but you are really......

    Bad, Bad  LeRoy Phone....

    LeRoy Phone

 The baddest Co. in all of the town, badder than Wi-Fi, land 
 and, the towers to prove that too.

   Bad, Bad  LeRoy Phone....

    LeRoy Phone

Well, never go to call them, you'll just get put on hold,
for a company with all their technology,
you'd think they could get you to a real
person, person, person.... Hello? Hello? Hello?

So then you ask for sales and then send you to tech support....
Yes, you are..... Bad, Bad,  A-hole phone.
Technologists you can barely follow.

    Bad, Bad  LeRoy Phone....

    LeRoy Phone

Who crack jokes about you behind their walls...
and snicker at your age.
And they say: Push this, Push this, Click This,
No... Hummm... Lady-
"Do you even know what a Monitor is?"

Well, they're,  Bad, Bad, LeRoy Phone
Missing my old rotary phone. High tech-nol-lo-Gee?
At least I didn't have to be lied to-- by thee.

Oh yes, Bad, Bad Millenniums-too
a paycheck for coffee, the spa, and satire on their
i-phones, "e-KKK a customer. So annoying, Hang-up please!"

Guess, those soccer trophy's for all
wasn't good enough. They grew up to be hired by
Bad, Bad LeRoy Phone, baddest Co. in the whole damn town
Wi-Fi Land. Is sadly like TV-Land for me.
What is their customer satisfaction policy?

Baddest-- than all the rest,
 Hello LeRoy Phone? Just listen to you.
"ding, ding...ding."
Wish I could disconnect on you!!
Just pay, pay, pay, pay- and suck it up
customer- you've got.... _ T &T.
Badder than an old King Kong
And meaner than a junkyard dog.




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