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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Re-Thinking the Holidays

Fearing that no one will read my posts when my Blah-spirit-of CHISTMAS
kicks in... I do want to say what I LOVE about Christmas time.

The fact that my family and friends are RELAXED and are enjoying the spirit of this holiday time. 

I have a lot of teacher friends.  Most of them are very experienced teachers who have been doing it a long time.  They are now doing what they were trained to do- but they've had to add an enormous amount of paperwork and data collection to now PROVE that they were good teachers from the beginning. 
To this I say-- Love you all!  I appreciate you.  You are an angel to these children, a parent, a nurse, a best friend, a confidant, a big sister, a grandma, and someone they can count on.  They miss you when you are out sick- and you never complain that their little hands and hacking is what makes you sick.

I talked to about five art teachers yesterday at the art show I was in.  Each came up to my display and said they had heard I was no longer teaching and asked how I was doing.  I didn't go into the details, but told them I was sick,
but making art and poor. 

Thank you, Amy, Tess, Lindsay, Michelle and Alice for making me feel like I am still one of the gang. 

# Art Quilts
# Cat Quilts
# Art Dolls
# Nature Art

My daughter will be home from college soon too.  This adds to my pleasure.
I have a goal of a better future with my 20-something daughters.

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