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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Scream


I was listening to NPR recently and heard  the Norwegian Embassy had designed their Christmas
tree with 700 of  Edvard Munch's The Scream ornaments to celebrate his 150 birthday.
The  interviewer asked what would happen to them after the holidays and they said they would be given to friends.

Well, count me as a friend, because I wanted one!!  So I called the Norwegian Embassy and asked how to get one.  I turned on the art teacher charm in hopes of getting an original one from the tree.  I told the woman about how I had used the painting many times for art lessons.  We chatted some more and then she gave me the name of the site-- where I could buy one.  She said they were reflective and the company was called "seeme" and I assumed (.com).

Well,  who would have guessed...  "see me" (.com). is a porno site.

So, I have to call the Norwegian Embassy back and told them I had clicked on a porno site.
"Oh don't do that!!"  -Sorry, too late.

It turns out to be  home of the ornaments.  Now, if only I could read Norwegian, 
I could figure out the price and how to order one.


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