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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

 Happy New 2014

I have a thing about ever new year that approaches. Odd years are bad luck, and Even years are good luck years.  I made this non-rational idea up a few years back, so I can't say it was a child thing. 


      Enter 2014  (Even)

  • First few day in....I had a flat tire on my car

  • January 8th, I had a frozen water pipe breaks and my house is flooded.

    • Go into action with insurance, restoration repairs, fan blowing for three days to the tune of  "won't you shut up?" and lots of phone calls.

      With these repairs comes BIG Decisions about my replacement plan!

      What happened to my theory?


         I went to see an exhibition on Matisse last weekend in Indianapolis.

          # Matisse

      Great to see over 20 revisions documented on this painting. 

      Good  for the public to see how many revisions an artist makes.  Most  people realize fine art takes time, but the revisions-- Wow!  Artists are tortured by how they want something to look when it is finished.  How can you put a price on that? 

       Did someone come up to him one day and ask- "Is it done now Henri?"  Henri:  "Damn, I think it is."   -CBJJ

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