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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Turning Things Around

 How to think like a depressed person.

I thought you liked doing that. =  It makes me feel stupid.

I want you to come over. = Does that mean this year or next?

FWB =  I am just using you.

I want to go alone. =   What makes you think I would want your company?

Phone is hung up... =  (He/ She) can't wait to get off the phone with you.

My family means everything to me. = You don't matter.

We had a normal, loving family. = I wish I had your life.

 Or you say:

"I need some time, I am feeling down and what you said hurt my feelings."

Okay.  (Doesn't ask why, or show any desire to talk about it.)

"Call me back, I am BLUE."   No one calls.


I wish I could talk to someone about this.  I call no one.  I just hurt.

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