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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dancing Cats RIP

Cat-loving Ohio woman, Klonda Richey, mauled to death by ...

Klonda....was a high school classmate of mine and a
kind-hearted person.  Her Dancing Cats will be Remembered. 
We re-united for a summer high school reunion a few
years back and celebrated our big "5-0" together.

Last Friday a grisly discovery was found in Dayton, Ohio; a woman’s body was brutally mauled to death by two dogs and left to die on the sidewalk outside of her home, nearly nude as her clothes and coat were ripped to shreds. Identified as Klonda Richey, 57, the woman had been dubbed a dedicated animal lover by friends and co-workers. Richey worked at the Montgomgery County of Job and Family Services for 25 years. The organization spoke to the press, advising Richey will always be remembered “fondly,” in the hearts of her family, friends and co-workers.
Sadly, this was not the first time Richey would yell for help. The dedicated cat lover had been experiencing trouble with two mixed breeds, potentially Bull Mastiff mixes, who reportedly,  lived next door. Last summer the pair charged at the frightened woman and Richey took shelter in home. She called the police, but police officers stated they followed protocol and contacted the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center (ARC). The officials from the organization showed up two hours after the complaint. No dogs were located and none captured during the call. (--)
 In this situation of no-reply, it took the life of animal lover, Richey who was brutally mauled by two dogs. Potentially the same dogs she had consistently made complaints on.
When police arrived at the horrible scene this past Friday, they reported two big dogs charged them, and the officers shot the animals dead. Richey’s neighbors, Andrew Nason and Julie Custer (pictured above) have been placed under arrest, pending charges of reckless homicide, slated to come this week.

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