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Friday, June 9, 2017

People Come and Go

I have a huge problem with letting go.

If it KILLS me- and I meet someone by chance and I develop a relationship with them at all - I think this should continue for the rest of my life. (Or at least I use to.)

But in reality People Come and Go.

I am old enough to remember the merry-go-rounds that were metal spinning circles at the neighbor playgrounds. It was bad enough that we wanted other kids to "push us" for our own good time, and we would take turns until we both got tired of pushing- but we understand that part. After a while, we laid on out bellies and pushed with our hands and spin around until the bumpy ride was no longer fun.

Sure we got dirty hands, but it was lots of fun. Unfortunately, these toy merry-go-rounds were removed because kids were breaking arms and legs.

What I should do is realize it's best to let things go for as long as they are fun. Friends need to take turns, and enjoy the ride while it's still fun and get off before we get tired of pushing to keep it going, or worse, before someone breaks an arm.

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