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Sunday, March 23, 2014

My OCD Friend

One of my dearest friends, just like a younger sister to me, suffers from OCD.  
My friend is a talented teacher, mother of four, works two jobs, and supports me being an artist and my depression. 
Before- frozen pipe damage.
Back Story: Last January, I had a water pipe break and the mess was amazing.  Insurance, and repairs took two months, and there were way too many men in my house.  The painter though he was Dr. Phil, the handyman thought and said: "You will love this without the clutter." and  while asking why (about the electric) "I don't tell you how to sew!!" 

Thanks to Craigslist(c), I found lots of eager men willing to respond to to my request to help me move for pay, but few were actually available and my pay wasn't shabby.  Let's not even begin to mention those who backed out and those who never showed up!   

But the worst was the floor contractor Billy (the... insert profanity)  YELLED at me that my house wasn't ready for him to do his job. (They changed plans the night before from installing the laminate first to installing the carpet first.)  "He wasn't paid enough to move my things." he said.  Now, moving three tons of fabric, art supplies, art teaching supplies, household items and minimal furniture (hummm...) is no easy task. 

YES, I was BULLIED by the carpet man.  He had 25 years of experience, and he knew everything. "Why wasn't I ready?"  Men--Yeah you might need them sometimes, but you don't have to like them.

             But along comes my friend.
She and two from her family came over Saturday and WOW-EE  knocked out my mess and  created order.  <.Behold.> ....
                        An OCD-er and an artist can live in harmony.  Now I understand that the messy characteristic is my curse and the OCD tendency is hers.  I showed her my clean up efforts first and suggested some places to sort fabric from beads, rulers, scissors, pencils, loose money, artwork, paper supplies, thread, clothes, more beads, tape, glue, pencils, notebooks, cardboard, more beads, more fabric, batting etc.  She was moving like lightening, sorting everything in sight and when the children stopped to "play" with my stuff, it was her telling them to get busy.

I stepped aside and cooked a great lunch of rice and shrimp, deviled eggs, beans, pop, juice, cookies and candy. We enjoyed our lunch. When another friend stopped by she was so impressed, she actually
was able to see some of  my stuff and offered me $30 for my supplies.  Hooray!!
My friend and I hugged at the end.  I was so grateful.  That evening, I texted her and I thanked her and her OCD.  Women Power!!!  Where women unite over a mess.
My friend the sorter would love this!!!!

Welcome Spring!!!  (My doll.)
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