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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Questions about "Bringing It Up"

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It was recently invited to my high school reunion.  I did not go.  I didn't want to feel uncomfortable-- since I have my issues.

On the list of those invited, I saw a former classmate of mine who had always called me names. I knew the woman he was married to and sent her a message- stating I didn't go because of feelings I had. I wouldn't do well going and being around classmates like him bringing back hurtful memories.  

She started out saying all 17- year old boys are jerks, but then told me essentially I was
out of line and she wasn't willing to tell her husband my thoughts. She was La-la---
" I won't get in the middle of this."

I told her I was getting this off my chest, trying to get to a higher place. 
She agreed and I said "Have a nice day. "

What do you think?

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