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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Its On Us

This is about the sensitive subject of rape.

I can't remember ever about writing about rape before.  However, several things have brought this to my mind.  First, a friend's daughter was raped on campus.  I asked my own adult daughter about this, and she said although it had never happened to her personally, it had happened to about eight women she knew.

Retro back to my days in the 1970's.  Back then girls were "good girls" or "bad girls."  We knew how to spot them, or so we thought.  We assumed the girls who were well endowed were the bad ones, the ones with poor self esteem, something about them, and the ones who were "a bit odd" were an easy target.

By college, I can remember being out-casted with my status.  The ladies on my floor boasted that they were active and proud of it.  Today, as I tell my younger friends, the whole thing is far more open than in the past.  The irony of social networking is that today, we tell everything never knowing who reads it.

There is a lot of gray areas to rape. The victim is just that. There are no good or bad girls, just women. The college campus is not the place for this abuse.  They even have a term called the "red zone," a period between the beginning of school and Thanksgiving when women are most vulnerable. They are trying to make new friends, and are more likely to let their guard down. What a depressing thought that is!

I know of a situation I could could call someone out on, myself.  Maybe someday I will get the guts. 

Today, I signed up for  Its On Us ( as a tribute to my friends daughter.  Maybe you should consider supporting this too.

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