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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Peeps and Passion

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What I Just Learned:

I am not a very religious person.... but this year-- I found myself thinking about ME.
I have stepped away from the emptiness and defended myself! So Proud!!

The Big Bad Boy (man) is out of the picture.  It's been nearly two weeks and I haven't phoned him.  I did send him an anonymous TEXT and messed with him a little, but it
only confirmed my suspicions and placed him further on my "out" list.

Out as In:

1.  What was I thinking??
2.  I wasted five years on this jerk?
3.  People can fake it- but eventually, they can't hide their true self.  Old Sigmund Freud
       was right---   &&&&  there is such a thing as a Freudian SLIP.  
4.  Slip on this mister:  I'll never be your girl.


1.  You need out when you're not sure you want to take their call.
2.  The voice you so wanted to hear now sounds like a MANIAC.
3.  Their need to control YOU seems like hell and your anxiety is worse.
4.  Your sense of YOU is somehow salvaged and you can say no more!
5.  Putting a positive spin on it-- means you can open yourself up to Freedom.
6.  I'll forgive you someday, but it feels good to value me.
7.  Spare me the passion and give me a moment of PEACE.

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