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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Self Worth


Leaving you was the best thing I ever did.
Saying "me" was the best.
Listening to my inner voice, hearing it say 
"it's just not so"
caused me to blossom and respect myself.

I helped a man who was hurting.
I gave him my all, and in the end he drained me.
                               . . 
I helped a different man who was hurting,
I just gave him a bit of my time, and in the end he 
held me, and with tears in his eyes he said
"thank you."

I have learned to defend my space too. My emotions are 
too BIG to be confined to the limited space you allow me.
I reached out to you when I needed you but 
YOU ignored me. 

Healed?  No, not there yet.
But I am making each step more meaningful.
I like myself like this. What a bonus.  
The help didn't help.
I had to fix myself.

#selfworth  #alwaysbeyourself

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