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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Trust Yourself

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Your gut feeling is there for a reason.
Lately, I feel like I should be wearing a big strip of
CAUTION TAPE around my mid-section.
There really has been a rash of people laid before me who should be pushed FAR AWAY FROM me.
Just because you are kind to people, doesn't 
mean you are stupid.


Don't let the nonsense you use to put up with be the norm.  Stop letting people into your life that offer you nothing.

Don't worry about the people who continue to make bad decisions, it is their choice. 

 Rally for your mental health, don't try to figure out why other people are the way they are.

Be an artist. Creating makes you feel good.
#mental health  #art #set boundaries  #don't take it anymore #bad choice 
#life #be well  #people  #be smart  #gut feeling  #trust yourself
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