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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Don't Give UP

A while ago I wrote about my temporary therapist and how I really didn't like the man.

Now, I met with him again and my feelings are even stronger. He makes me want to kick him out of my room at times. (and this is a good thing)  I told him the story of the male therapist I once went to see who told me to fill out paperwork on the first visit and then called me in-- only to tell me that he could not see me, because I was so fat I obviously didn't have any will power and he couldn't work with someone like that! I took it in my gut and gathered my things to leave. I didn't go to see another therapist for about three years. Those were three years wasted in terms of  my head getting better. I did go on to see a woman therapist after that who was wonderful.

Now, I just hope to go back to seeing my main therapist and not some therapist knock-off.

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