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Monday, November 30, 2015

Wits End?

     When two depressed people get together
Congo Dancers by Cathy Jeffers


  • annoy the crap out of each other?
  • fight about who has the most problems?
  • act nasty and say things they don't mean?
  • compare local mental health facilities?
  • ask if you are depressed and "drinking" or "over-eating"?       
  • admit they never think about you except when they are really depressed?
  • can pronounce their new medication and ask if you have heard of it?
  • walk around like a zombie and forget they were ever in a fog?
  • make you feel better?
  • understand life from the other's point of view?
  • make you wonder why you are friends?
  • wonder can this be healthy?
  • discuss new terms that your therapist came up with and what they mean to you?
  • think writing in a journal is excellent therapy?   


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