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Thursday, November 14, 2013

National Writing Month

Poor Me
As if working my buns off to have some art quilts and other textile items ready for  holiday art shows isn't enough, I also added the National Writing Month challenge to my agenda.  Now, I had heard of this for several years and knew a few people who were into doing it.  But at long last, I was going to it myself.
The idea is to complete a rough draft of a novel (50,000) words in a month.  You aren't suppose to edit it, and they have more experienced writers to encourage you if you get stuck.  Some libraries have writing groups that meet up and every part of the country is suppose to have a mentor or two if your writing goes way of the Titanic.
My novel, I admit was in my head for years.  I had started it several times and go to about page four and then promptly gave up.  I have been writing since I was a teen and have had a few things published, but novel writing- well, it is hard to do. 
Let's say you want to describe an orange.  Well, I would say:  "I want and orange." she said.  Well, I've pretty much given up on reading novels, because, it is so hard for me to get through all the words commonly used in many descriptive novels. 
Here, in an annoying novel,  "An orange is a rough but tender, sweet sphere of robust color.  A combination of both red and yellow, laying on a plate with a half-eaten slice of cheese, also the same color.  Now, I wonder would the man she adored enjoy the orange as much as she did as an evening snack, or would he want something from her kitchen she didn't have to offer him." Dah-Dah da-da.... you get the idea.
Anyhow, it gets worse, I want my novel to be about family--
think (dysfunctional-relations).  The novel is called Wellington House.
I am writing a story where the older sister has all the burden of the sick parents, as the younger ones get to play and do whatever they want. This never really happened to me- so I am using my imagination, but exchange one  main character for another and you have my life story!!  If  you make it to the end you can submit and compete with other writers.
One of the characters has a troubled love life.  I've never read #The Shades of Grey book, so I got it at the library for some "research" for my novel.  The only copy they had available was in large print, so yes.... I have the phone book size version.
I can imagine it now:    He gently caressed her, inserting his **nis  into her
(turn the page....)--- **v-Gina.   I'll let you know how my research goes and if you have a favorite part let me know.  I want my novel to be about the good stuff!



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