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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Answer The "Bleep" Phone

Today, like yesterday, and the day before I didn't answer my phone.  No one would be able to understand--so I became withdrawn to avoid the drama that was in my head. I was sewing.

A good friend had been trying to reach me for days.  I meant to call her but I didn't.
 Damn Depression & Isolation. 

She called the police and asked them to go to my house to check on me.

The police came. I got EMOTIONAL and the TEARS and FEARS came out.

I went too far and before I knew it the officer was saying he felt he needed to call the
paramedics and send me to the hospital and have me evaluated.  WHAT???
I refused  He insisted.
I refused  He insisted.
I refused  He insisted. The paramedics were on their way.
I was about the get a one-way ride to the ER, even though it wasn't what I wanted.

I fell entering the medical transport. No one seemed too concerned about the knot on my knee. I got to the ER and said I didn't want to be there.  After about an hour, they let me go. I called my friend who called the police for a ride back home.

Answer the phone next time!

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