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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Meet Mr. Toxic On-Line

As if real life situations aren't enough.

My recent Mr. Toxic was like the Quick Brown Fox.
I met someone innocently enough and our conversation of choice was ART. No surprise there.
 I recently saw how on-line relationships can be REAL Trouble My interest in talking to him was that he was a professional artist with his own gallery.

I didn't know my interest in the art biz, could turn this "expert" into a fox.  My  questions about how he got his start in his gallery, lead him to tell me his hard knock's life story. It all started with him posing nude in drawing classes. From there he also was a stripper and he asked if I would I like for him to strip for me sometime.

I don't want to seem judgmental. But sometimes you can’t stop laughing at yourself for the toxic weirdos you attract. These people in general, have their own issues. He admitted he had a strict upbringing he rebelled against.

In the future, I'll pick healthier individuals to speak to on line.  #onlinefreaks
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